AA Enterprizes is an established firm dealing with eye care equipment since 2001. Apart from this Equipment, Devices and Consumables supply the Professional working in the company also provides eye care support. Team Comprises of Qualified business personal, Optometrists, marketing personnel, Sales Manager, Sales Representatives , and office Worker.

The Company has also the IT (Computer Personnel) support from the Professional, and all the personnel working have good knowledge and Computer skills. Professional working for the Company participated in numerous Seminars and Workshops in the Field of Ophthalmology Care and also organized various seminars in collaboration of some Philanthropist.

The most of this work is organized at Institutional level and has support of some eye Care Institutions and International NGO’s. The Company has close liaison / Contact with NGO’s working in the field Ophthalmology in the country and also has a good affiliation of Professionals and itself worth International NGO’s working for Eye Care.

Target for market:
• Tertiary Eye Care Institutions in the Country
• Eye Care Service Provider
• Private Practioner
• Donor NGO’s