VisionBlue® is indicated for use as an aid in ophthalmic surgery by staining the anterior capsule of the lens.

ILM Blue

ILM-BLUE® is a dye to stain the ILM in vitreoretinal surgery.

Membraneblue Dual

MEMBRANEBLUE-DUAL® is a dye to stain both the ILM as well as the ERM and PVR membrane, without compromising the staining effect within one injection.

Silicon Oil

SIL-1000-S / SIL-2000-S / SIL-5000-S are used for surgical management of:

• Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy (PVR)

• Retinal Detachment caused by Trauma

• Giant Tears

• Diabetic Traction Detachment.

• All cases of retinal detachment

Intra-Operative Tamponades

EFTIAR Octane and EFTIAR Decalin liquid is indicated for use as an intraoperative tool for temporary flattening and manipulation of the retina during surgical treatment of retinal detachment,

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EVA Vitrectomy Pack VGPC Input (23G, 25G, 27G)

- EVA Cartridge with 0.5 L Collection Bag

- Disposable EVA Air Fluid Dual Tubing

- Disposable EVA Drapes

- Disposable EVA VGPC Input Set

- Disposable High Speed Cutter

- Shielded TotalView Endoillumination Probe, including illuminated scleral depressor

- Disposable One step Cannula System

- Disposable EVA Accessory Set

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Disposable Microforceps

Ultra peel 25 gauge / 0.5mm™

Ultra peel 27 gauge / 0.4mm™

It has been designed to ensure a tangential contact with the membrane, easy to rip and gentle to peel.

Designed for single-movement peeling of thicker, more fibrotic membranes

Blunt, rounded tip design and optimal shaft stiffness provides precise control for smaller gauge surgery

27g delivers over 90% equivalent grasping area vs 23g design, 25g delivers similar grasping area vs the 23g designs

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instrument with

27 gauge / 0.4 mm

needle and active aspiration

New ergonomical handle design to create optimal surgical control.

Enlarged backflush reservoir.

• Slimline design for easier movement and control

• Reduced size of the handle

• Less force required to activate reservoir

• Larger reservoir

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EVA UPGRADED: Phaco-Vitrectomy System
EVA Specification sheet USA