Lenticule Extraction with LDV FEMTO Z8

The new Lenticule application by Ziemer is called CLEAR and stands for:

C Corneal

L Lenticule

E Extraction for

A Advanced

R Refractive Correction

The completely new developed and proprietary application is intended for the treatment of Myopia and Astigmatism.

The new Lenticule application is an integrated part of the FEMTO LDV Z8 platform and can be purchased through a software upgrade.

Benefit from various possibilities in faciliating the Lenticule separation and extraction.

The advantages are:

Centration after docking

Trusted vacuum as known in Ziemer systems

Guiding tunnels for easy Lenticule separation

Multi incision options:

2 incisions during initial learning curve

1 incision for experienced surgeons

Intraoperative OCT (optional)

Proprietary scan pattern with overlapping spots

FEMTO LDV low energy concept


Refractive Surgery


- Lenticule Appliation - CLEAR

- International Pockets

Cataract Surgery

- Z-Cataract

Therapeutic Surgery

- Keratoplasties

- Tunnels for Ring Segments


GALILEI combines state of the art technology like Placido topography, Dual-Scheimpflug tomography and optical biometry to offer the most complete solution for cataract and refractive surgery planning – all measurements with one device.

Key Features

Placido Topography

Placido topography delivers highly accurate anterior curvature data of the cornea. It can precisely detect anterior surface irregularities and tearfilm quality.

Dual-Scheimpflug Tomography

Precise pachymetry and elevation data of the anterior and posterior surface help detect bulging and asymmetry in early stages.

The GALILEI system is equipped with two Scheimpflug cameras, greatly reducing the time of the measurement process of the anterior segment.

1st Purkinje Alignment

All maps and data is aligned to the same reference point, the 1st Purkinje reflex. This reflex is closest to the visual axis, resulting in highly accurate surface data and consistent alignment when comparing a series of consecutive measurements over time.

Optical biometry

The optical biometer measures the central corneal thickness (CCT), the anterior chamber depth (ACD), the lens thickness (LT) and the axial length (AL) within the same exam. The measured lens thickness together with precise anterior and posterior corneal power maps results in next generation IOL planning.


Refractive Evaluation

- Fast Refractive Screening

- Wavefront Display

- Santhiago PTA Report

- Verify Display

Cataract Evaluation

- Fast Cataract Screening

- IOL Calculator

- Advanced IOL Display

- Images Display

Therapeutic Surgery

- Fast Asymmetries Screening

- CLMI.X Asymmetry Detection

- Comparison Display

- Eye Metrics Display

- Customized Displays